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ChIP kits

Kits for a variety of samples to help you progress in ChIP.

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) kits are kits that enable you to perform ChIP experiments quickly and easily. ChIP assays use an antibody to bind a specific protein or modified protein. In the assay, chromatin regions associated with this protein are captured for analysis, typically with qPCR or sequencing.

Our portfolio of ChIP kits includes kits for use with a wide variety of samples (eg plant tissues, FFPE, or low cell numbers) as well as high sensitivity and one-step kits - our most popular ChIP kit (ab500) has over 130 references from our customers. We also offer ChIP-grade antibodies, validated to a higher standard in ChIP-qPCR or ChIP-seq, to use with our kits to provide further opportunities for success in your downstream sequencing. 

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