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Conjugation kits

Quick & easy-to-use conjugation kits for over 45 labels.

Antibody conjugation, also known as antibody labeling, chemically links an antibody to a specific tag. When conjugated, a primary antibody directly detects the target antigen of interest, without the need for a secondary antibody. Labels can include fluorescent dyes, enzymes or proteins and your choice or combination of labels will depend on the experimental application, as well as your multiplex panel. Conjugation or labeling kits provide all the tools you need to label a primary antibody, without the need to learn complex chemistry and separation techniques.

Our Lightning-Link® conjugation kits are easy to use and allow you to conjugate antibodies in three simple steps to more than 45 labels, including fluorescent proteins (Alexa Fluor® and DyLight Fluor® dyes), tandem dyes, enzymes, oligonucleotides, and gold nanoparticles.

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