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Proteins and peptides

Get consistent, reproducible data with our full range of proteins.

Proteins and peptides are fundamental cell components composed of different lengths of amino acids. Typically, peptides are shorter with a less complex structure. Proteins have various roles in the cell; a single protein can perform many functions depending on its structure, which can be modified. Understanding protein structure is essential to understanding how they perform different tasks. Functional studies help us understand the breadth of a protein's role in the cell.

Design experiments faster with over 14,000 recombinant and native proteins available alongside our antibodies. Get high consistency and clean, reproducible data across our proteins, including our highest quality premium bioactive proteins, for optimal bioactivity and stability. Keep your research going with fusion-tagged proteins for studying targets without specific antibodies, verified blocking peptides to validate reagent specificity, and protein controls to reinforce the validity of your results.

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