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Abcam's BSA Removal Kit (ab173231) is a simple one-step, 10 minute method which effectively separates the BSA from the antibody.

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1 mL
BSA Removal Buffer
1 x 1 mL
Re-suspension Buffer
1 x 500 µL

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Abcam's BSA Removal Kit (ab173231) is a simple one-step, 10 minute method which effectively separates the BSA from the antibody.

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Abcam's BSA Removal Kit (ab173231) is a simple one-step, 10 minute method which effectively separates the BSA from the antibody. The antibody is left in a suitable position for transfer to a buffer more suited to conjugation. The BSA Removal Kit can be used on any antibody sub-type, and species.

This 1 ml kit can remove all of the BSA from up to 1.25 ml of antibody, with a BSA concentration of 0.5% or less. For higher BSA concentrations, the method may need to be repeated, or a higher volume of BSA Removal Buffer may be required.

Please note that this kit is not compatible with our Gold, Latex, Europium and Magnetic Conjugation Kits. To remove BSA from antibodies prior to conjugation with these kits, please use BSA Removal Kit - Nanoparticles (ab204912).

Important considerations:

  • The BSA Removal Kit can separate BSA from antibody solutions with antibody concentrations from 0.03 mg/mL to 10 mg/mL Separation is more efficient at higher antibody concentrations. 50 μg of antibody is the lower limit for seeing a clearly visible pellet.

  • BSA can be effectively separated when present at concentrations of up to 0.5%. If BSA is present at higher concentrations, dilute the antibody mix with de-ionized, distilled water until BSA concentration is 0.5% or less. Alternatively, if BSA is over a 0.5%, two or more runs may need to be performed to completely remove BSA.

  • Glycerol concentration must not exceed 20%.

  • The components of the removal buffer may precipitate at low temperatures. Gently warming the solution should allow solubilisation. Any undissolved crystals should be spun down by brief centrifugation, and the supernatant should be used for the BSA removal.

This product is manufactured by Expedeon, an Abcam company, and was previously called AbSelect BSA Removal Kit. 820-0100 is the same as the 1 ml size.

Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is often added to purified antibodies as it is an effective stabilizer. However, when labelling antibodies, the BSA becomes a hindrance, as it directly competes with the antibody to attach to the label, greatly reducing the conjugation efficiency. Therefore, prior to undertaking labelling techniques, it is essential to remove the BSA. Common commercial BSA removal techniques can involve many laborious steps.

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