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Efficient mouse antibody purification from tissue culture supernatants.

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What's included?

3 Test
Binding Buffer (10X)
1 x 18 mL
Elution Buffer
1 x 15 mL
Mouse Resin
3 x 2 mL
Neutralizer Buffer
1 x 5 mL
Purification Column
3 x 1 Unit
Spin Cartridge / Collecting Tube Assemblies
3 x 1 Unit
Wash Buffer
1 x 75 mL

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Efficient mouse antibody purification from tissue culture supernatants.


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Efficient mouse antibody purification from tissue culture supernatants. Processes 10-25 mL of supernatant to purify up to 1.5 mg of antibody per run.

The mouse resin has a very high affinity and specificity for mouse IgG molecules. ab128749 Mouse TCS Antibody Purification Kit can be used to purify mouse IgG fractions from hybridoma supernatants. The binding strength of bovine IgG to Abcam's Mouse resin is negligible; therefore, it can be used to selectively recover mouse IgG from TCS samples.

The method involves capture of the mouse antibody on the Mouse resin and removal of unwanted substances using a simple wash procedure. The purified product is eluted and neutralized.

Antibodies purified using the Mouse TCS Antibody Purification kit are fully compatible with our Lightning-Link® Antibody Conjugation Kits and our Oligonucleotide Conjugation Kit, however they are not compatible with our nanoparticle Antibody conjugation kits. To purify antibodies for use with our nanoparticle conjugation kits (Gold, Latex, Europium and Magnetic), please use our Mouse Antibody Purification Kit - Nanoparticles ab204910.

ab128749 is suitable for use with Mouse antibodies. It is not suitable for use with antibodies from other species.

This product is manufactured by Expedeon, an Abcam company, and was previously called AbSelect™ Mouse TCS Antibody Purification System. 832-0500 is the same as the 3 tests size. 832-0005 is the same as the 1 test size.

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