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Shipping & storage support

We ship to 143 countries worldwide by express courier delivery.

We strive to ensure our products arrive in your hands in perfect condition, as soon as possible. Find out about shipping costs and times in your region, storing your products, and more.

How do I find shipping details for my region?

To find shipping and pricing details for your country:

How does Abcam keep its products safe in transit?

Based on tests conducted in our lab, we select the most appropriate shipping condition to ensure the stability of the product during transit.

What are shipping costs when I order from Abcam?

​​For individual products, shipping costs will be displayed on the datasheet. For multiple products, calculated costs will be displayed on the 'order summary' screen of online checkout.

Which packaging can I reuse and which can I recycle?

As part of our commitment to reduce waste throughout our value chain, we explain how you can safely and sustainably dispose of our packaging.

What should I consider when it comes to protein stability?

Proteins can be less stable outside their native environment. They can lose activity as a result of proteolysis, aggregation, and suboptimal storage. Optimal conditions for storage depend on the specific protein, and instructions can be found on the datasheet. We've outlined some general guidelines below.

How are Abcam products shipped and how do I store them?

Find out how we ship our products and how to store them when they arrive.

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