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Supplier support

Guidance and support for suppliers on everything from legislation to invoicing.

At Abcam, working with the right suppliers is key to our mission to keep science moving forward. Here’s guidance on everything you need to know, from policies and regulations to registration, contracts, order management, and invoicing.

What standards does Abcam use to choose the suppliers?

​​We share common values with our suppliers that allow us to achieve goals and grow sustainably together. We adhere to high standards of social, ethical and environmental conduct and we expect our suppliers to join us in committing to these standards. On our Business Ethics page, you will find links to our Employee Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Are there any support materials for suppliers using Abcam's Supplier Portal?

Our Supplier Portal is available to help you easily view and process orders, invoices, and other order-related transactions. The training material below will provide guidance on initial set up, tailoring the portal to your needs and managing orders among other key activities.

What is the purpose of Abcam's Terms and Conditions

The Abcam Terms and Conditions detail the standard terms of business by which we trade with suppliers. View our Terms and Conditions for the EU, US, China, Japan, and Hong Kong and below.

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For any procurement related inquiries, please email us.

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