Question (21916) | Anti-Endothelin A Receptor/ET-A antibody (ab30536)

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Do you have the IHC image?


Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately, we do not have the IHC image available. However, the we do have the protocols as below. IHC-Paraffin (Tissue section: lung and intestine) Fixed paraffin-embedded sections (4-6 mm) are deparaffinized, stained, counterstained, dehydrated, cleared and mounted. Block the sections with 10% normal rabbit serum to inhibit non-specific binding. Dilute the antibody to 10ug/ml in PBS containing 1% normal rabbit serum. Incubate for 60min at RT or overnight at 4°C. Wash slides and detect by using an IgG (HRP) Pab Rabbit x Sheep secondary antibody. Antigen retrieval is typically not required with this antibody, but if necessary, sections are treated with EDTA, pH 8.0 and steamed for 20 min followed by cooling for 20 min. Optimal conditions are to be determined by the researcher. Note: This antibody recognizes epitopes on the cytoplasmic side of the receptor; the cell membrane must be made permeable to the antibody for immunochemical analysis. I hope this information will still be helpful.

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