Advantages of our anti-histone H3 antibody

Cited in hundreds of publications and validated in multiple applications and species, our anti-histone H3 antibody (ab1791) is the gold standard for histone H3 research.

​​Anti-histone H3 recognizes total histone H3 independently of whether it’s modified or not, making it an ideal control for nuclear loading and normalization of histone modifications levels.

Validated in key applications
  • No need for addition validation; get straight to your research.
  • Tested in  ChIP, WB, IHC and ICC. See our data.
Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Never worry about inconsistent results.
  • We validate every batch.
Independent proof
  • Impartial evidence verifies that the antibody works in the hand of your peers.
  • Hundreds of references and  Abreviews® left by our customers.
Easy to order
  • More time spent in the lab, less time spent ordering reagents.
  • Place your order online or contact us.
Fast delivery
  • No delays to your research.
  • In-stock orders received Monday to Friday are shipped the same day.
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