Antibodies to RNA modifications

Unlock new areas of epigenetics with our range of antibodies to RNA modifications and their readers, writers, and erasers.

​​​Explore the unexplored 

RNA modifications are out there but so little is known about their function. That’s why our range of antibodies includes RNA modifications not covered by anyone else. This means you can take your first leap into a new, unexplored area of epigenetics. Discover novel modifications, seek out new meaning and new ideas. Boldly go where no scientist has gone before.

Check out our RNA modification antibody range below.

Find more RNA modification protocols and content here. 

Working with RNA modifications

The field of RNA modifications is relatively new but growing more and more every day. We know that working with these modifications can be tricky and that is why we are adding to our RNA modifications range all the time to get reagents for the newest and most exciting modifications before anyone else. We also know that getting antibodies truly specific to your RNA modification of choice can be difficult, so we use multiple applications to test the specificity of all our antibodies. Check out our RNA modification antibodies control page for more details on what you can do to check that your antibodies work in your model system. 

You can get the best reagents for your RNA modification research right here. Our m6A antibody has been cited in several great publications including a Nature Methods paper which uses it for single-base resolution sequencing of m6A1. This same m6A antibody also features in a Nature paper, looking at the role of m6A in mRNA stability2. Our ac4C antibody was also published in a 2018 Cell paper which uncovers the role of ac4C in mRNA translation efficiency3

The benefits of using recombinant technology

Recombinant RabMAb®  technology eliminates batch-to-batch variation by using the same immunogen for each round of antibody production. This gives you a consistent antibody and reproducible results throughout your project. Many of our RNA modification antibodies are RabMAb®  monoclonal antibodies including key targets such as m6A, m1A, Mettl3, m2,2G, and many more. 

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TargetFunctionAntibody Key citations
m6AmRNA stability, splicingAnti-N6-methyladenosine (m6A) antibody [mAbcam 190886] Nature 537:369-373 (2016)

Anti-N6-methyladenosine (m6A) antibody (ab151230)
Mauer J  et al. Nature, 2017
Kan L  et al. Nat Commun, 2017
Vu L.P.  et al. Nat Med, 2017
Sledz P et al. Elife, 2016
Linder B  et al. Nat Methods, 2015

Nature 541:371-375 (2017), Nat Commun 8:15737 (2017), Nat Med 23:1369-1376 (2017), Elife 5:N/A (2016), Nat Methods 12:767-72 (2015)

ac4CTranslation efficiency, mRNA stability​Anti-N4-acetylcytidine (ac4C) antibody [EPRNCI-184-128] (ab252215)Cell 175:1872-1886 (2018), ACS Chem Biol 12:2922-2926 (2017)
m1ATranslation, tRNA stabilityAnti-1-methyladenosine (m1A) antibody [EPR-19836-208]Be the first to discover something new
m2,2GUnknownAnti-N2,N2-dimethylguanosine (m2,2G) antibody [EPR-19838-40]Be the first to discover something new
m4CProtection against restriction enzymes (bacteria)Anti-N4-methylcytidine (m4C) antibody [EPR -19850-108] Be the first to discover something new
m2AUnknownAnti-2-methyladenosine (m2A) antibody [EPR -19851-59]Be the first to discover something new
m6,6AUnknownAnti-N6,N6-dimethyladenosine (m6,6A) antibody [EPR-19831-44]Be the first to discover something new
m8AUnknownAnti-8-methyladenosine (m8A) antibody [EPR-20836-125-1]Be the first to discover something new
YTHDF1m6A readerAnti-YTHDF1 antibody [EPR22349-16] (ab252346)Be the first to discover something new
YTHDF1m6A readerAnti-YTHDF1 antibody [EPR22349-41] (ab220162)Be the first to discover something new
hnRNPA2B1m6A readerAnti-hnRNP A2B1 antibody [DP3B3] (ab6102)Mol Cell Biol 37:N/A (2017), Nucleic Acids Res 45:12214-12240 (2017), Sci Rep 6:20193 (2016), PLoS Genet 9:e1003628 (2013)

Anti-hnRNP A2B1 antibody (ab31645)Elife 6:N/A (2017), Genome Biol 16:213 (2015), RNA Biol 11:1262-79 (2014), Nucleic Acids Res N/A:N/A (2013)
hnRNP C1/C2m6A readerAnti-hnRNP C1 + C2 antibody [4F4] (ab10294)Nucleic Acids Res 45:6822-6836 (2017), RNA Biol 13:569-81 (2016), Nucleic Acids Res 44:10454-10466 (2016), Genes Dev 29:2054-66 (2015)

Anti-hnRNP C1 + C2 antibody [EP3034Y] (ab75822)J Virol 86:7180-91 (2012)
Mettl3m6A writerAnti-METTL3 antibody [EPR18810]Mol Cell 69:1028-1038.e6 (2018), Int J Obes (Lond) N/A:N/A (2018), Biochem Biophys Res Commun N/A:N/A (2016)
Mettl14m6A writerAnti-METTL14 antibody (ab98166)Cell Rep 14:93-102 (2016)
WTAPm6A writerAnti-WTAP antibody [EPR18744]Be the first to discover something new
Rbm15m6A writerAnti-Rbm15 antibody (ab70549)Genes Dev 32:415-429 (2018), J Biol Chem 288:33292-302 (2013)


ac4C writerAnti-ALP antibody [EPR18663] (ab194297)Be the first to discover something new
ALKBH5m6A eraserAnti-ALKBH5 antibody (ab69325)Nature 541:371-375 (2017), J Biol Chem 287:29801-14 (2012)

Anti-ALKBH5 antibody (ab174124)Nat Immunol 18:1094-1103 (2017)
FTOm6A eraserAnti-FTO antibody [EPR6895]Cell 172:90-105.e23 (2018), Nature 541:371-375 (2017), Elife 5:N/A (2016),  Nucleic Acids Res 43:373-84 (2015), Nature 505:117-20 (2014)
PUS1Pseudouridin writerAnti-PUS1 antibody [EPR20181]Be the first to discover something new
DKC1Pseudouridin writerAnti-DKC1 antibody [EPR10399]Be the first to discover something new


1) Linder B  et al. Single-nucleotide-resolution mapping of m6A and m6Am throughout the transcriptome. Nat Methods 12:767-72 (2015).

2) Mauer J  et al. Reversible methylation of m(6)Am in the 5' cap controls mRNA stability. Nature 541:371-375 (2017).

​3) Arango et al​Acetylation of Cytidine in mRNA Promotes
Translation Efficiency. Cell 13;175(7):1872-1886 (2018).

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