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Find the latest products for your epigenetics research, including ChIP-grade antibodies, ChIP and sample preparation kits, ELISA kits, and more.

​​If you are studying epigenetics pathways and their contribution to human disease such as cancer and neurodegeneration, we've got you covered. Here you can find the latest product releases, fresh from our lab.

NEW: Anti-STAT6 (phospho Y641) monoclonal antibody - ChIP grade

This ChIP grade antibody allows for detection of chromatin bound by phosphorylated STAT6, which can be induced by different stimulation events.

Cat #ApplicationsSpecies reactivityDisease relevance
ab235591WB, IP, Dot Blot, Flow CytMouse, Rat, Human

NEW: Anti-ATF6 monoclonal antibody - ChIP grade

ATF6 is a key therapeutic target in homeostasis. This ChIP-grade antibody is optimal for the study of ATF6-bound promoters and genes by ChIP/ChIP-Seq.

Cat #ApplicationsSpecies reactivityDisease relevance
ab227830WB, IHC-P, ChIP, IPHumanIschemia

NEW: Anti-CHD4 monoclonal antibody - ChIP grade

Explore the role of the nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase complex (NuRD). This ChIP-grade antibody allows you to study the genes regulated by the ATPase CHD4 by ChIP/ChIP-Seq.

Cat #ApplicationsSpecies reactivityDisease relevance
ab240640WB, IP, ChIP, Flow Cyt, ICC/IFMouse, HumanSifrim-Hitz-Weiss syndrome, Cancer

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