Question (18320) | Anti-Estrogen Receptor alpha antibody [E115] - ChIP Grade (ab32063)

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Actually, this only helps me a bit and is very frustrating. I specifically asked for data regarding staining mouse tissue. It is my experience that companies claim an antibody cross reacts with mouse, when in practice it does not. I would rather not waste time and money working on an antibody that will not work. Please provide me with any procedural difference for mouse tissue and a reference or picture of ER staining in FFPE mouse tissue. Thanks,


Thank you for your enquiry. I have been in correpondence with the lab and I have a more complete picture of this antibody's reactivity. Whilst this antibody showed positive staining against mouse, rat, and human tissue preparations by western blotting, the antibody failed to show positive IHC signal on mouse tissue sections when applid using our in-house IHC testing conditions. For our in-house testing we tested the antibody on a mouse tissue array (spleen, lung, stomach, muscle, thymus, pancreas, liver, small intestine, brain, kidney).

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