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Am planning to perform fluorescent immuno stating with two estrogen receptor antibodies on the same sample tissue slide. From your catalogue (online), I found that ab32063 (ER alpha) and ab16813 (ER beta) as the most compatible primary antibodies.

I have no much idea about immunostaining could please provide me with more details about the dilutions and the method that i can impliment to perform simultaneous fluorescent immunostaining. Also, could you provide me with the quotation for these above said antibodies (with offers if any).

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Thank you for your enquiry and interest in our products.

I can confirm that both antibodies (ab16813 and ab32063) have been tested for IHC-P so they should work in immunofluorescence. Since their host species and the isotypes are different (ab16813 mouse IgM and ab32063 rabbit IgG), they can be applied in double staining with compatible secondary antibodies.

Before you perform double-staining, I would suggest using the antibodies in single staining to make sure that the procedure works well. Once you can detect the two targets nicely, you could carry on with the double-staining on the same samples.

You can find some useful information on this technique at our sites:

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