• Product name
    Ethanol Assay Kit
  • Sample type
    Cell culture supernatant, Urine, Serum, Plasma, Other biological fluids, Tissue Extracts
  • Assay type
  • Sensitivity
    > 10 nM
  • Range
    2 µM - 200 µM
  • Assay time
    1h 00m
  • Product overview

    Abcam's Ethanol Assay Kit provides a simple, rapid, and sensitive method for accurate quantification of ethanol concentration in a variety of biological samples such as serum, plasma, other body fluids, foods, beverages and growth media. Alcohol oxidase oxidizes ethanol to generate H2O2 which reacts with our probe to generate color (λmax= 570 nm) and fluorescence (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm). The kit detects 0.1-10 ppm alcohol (~10-800 nM).
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    PLEASE NOTE: Extreme care should be taken to ensure that no alcohol vapors (ethanol, methanol, propanol) are in the laboratory air where this assay is to be performed. Alcohol vapors in the air will be rapidly absorbed by kit components resulting in very high background making the kit unusable. Laboratories where HPLC equipment and solvents are standing or where alcohol is used to wipe down laboratory benches or equipment are inappropriate locations to perform this assay.

  • Notes

    Alcohol (ethanol C2H5OH) is among the most widely consumed drinks. Low doses of alcohol may help circulation while heavy alcohol consumption may lead to various forms of disease. Quantitative determination of alcohol finds applications in basic research, drug discovery, clinical studies and fermentation industry processes.


  • Storage instructions
    Store at -20°C. Please refer to protocols.
  • Components Identifier 100 tests
    Ethanol Assay Buffer WM 1 x 25ml
    Ethanol Enzyme Mix Green 1 vial
    Ethanol Probe (in DMSO, anhydrous) Red 1 x 200µl
    Ethanol Standard Yellow 1 x 500µl
  • Research areas
  • Relevance
    Alcohol (ethanol C2H5OH) is a clear colorless liquid rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and distributed through the body. Ethanol has a depressive effect on the central nervous system and because of its psychoactive effects, it is considered a drug. Ethanol is metabolized by the body as an enerfy-providing carbohydrate nutrient, as it metabolized into acetyl CoA, an intermediate common with glucose than can be used for energy in the citric acid cycle (TCA) or for biosynthesis. Ethanol within the human body is converted into acetaldehyde by alcohol dehydrogenase and then into acetic acid by acetaldehyde dehydriogenase. Acetaldehyde, the product of the first step of the alcohol breakdown, is linked to most of the toxic clinical effects of alcohol.
  • Alternative names
    • Ethyl alcohol


  • Ethanol in blood plasma was analyzed using ethanol assay kit (ab65343). Ethanol concentrations were determined 60 minutes after urethane administration in P0/1 mice and rats. 

  • 0.5 nmol of ethanol was added to diluted human biological fluids (1/10) and spiked samples were measured fluorimetrically (background subtracted, duplicates; +/- SD).

  • 5 nmol of ethanol was added to diluted human biological fluids (1/10) and spiked samples were measured colourimetrically (background subtracted, duplicates; +/- SD).

  • Standard curves with background signal subtracted (duplicates; +/- SD).

  • Ethanol Standard Curve. Ethanol standard was diluted as described and the assay was performed according to the kit instructions.



This product has been referenced in:
  • McCarter KD  et al. Effect of Low-Dose Alcohol Consumption on Inflammation Following Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Rats. Sci Rep 7:12547 (2017). Read more (PubMed: 28970514) »
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The expiry date of the kits is 1 year from date of purchase. Please discuss the expiry date with our distributor in Russia. http://www.almabion.ru/

Please note that the guarantee is only valid when the components of the kit are stored at corre...

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It is not recommended to freeze the pure Ethanol standard because some ethanol might vaporize changing the concentration of the solution during thawing. The pure ethanol standard should be prepared fresh ideally.

Gracias por contactarnos.

Siempre y cuando el suero se alicuotée y congele, evitando ciclos de congelación/descongelación, no debe haber ningún problema. No hay una cantidad determinada de suero requerido para...

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Yes, you can use this kit to assay mouse samples. The assay will measure ethyl alcohol in cell culture supernatant, urine, serum, plasma, other biological fluids, and tissue extracts regardless of the species of the samples.

Suite à notre conversation téléphonique, j’ai eu une réponse de laboratoire qui pense que ce kit pourrait donner de bons résultants chez la souris bien qu’il ne l’ait pas testé auparavant. Je ...

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Thank you for your recent telephone enquiry.

I can confirm that serum from such samples made using heparin would be compatible with ab65343 Ethanol Assay Kit.

You can store this serum in aliquots for a couple of weeks at -80oC bef...

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Unfortunately we do not have a kit to assay for methanol conc.

Although I have not come across any instances in which the ethanol assay kit is used for methanol, it may be theoretically possible. The ethanol assay kit principle involves...

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Thank you for your patience. The lab has informed me that the extinction coefficient for the ethanol probe has not been determined. I have attached the absorption and emissions spectra for the probe. If you could let me know why you need this informati...

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Thank you for contacting us yesterday in regards the Ethanol Assay Kit (ab65343).

As discussed over the phone, I can now confirm that using the excitation wavelength of 544 nm instead of the recommended 535 should be fine as long as the machi...

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Thank you for your recent telephone enquiry. I am sorry it has taken some time to confirm this information for you with our source on this occasion.

From this equation,I can confirm that Sa is the sample amount from the Standard Curve (nmol)...

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