Boston Interactive Glia Group (BIGG) Meeting

Talk and posters invited for this exciting meeting at UMass Medical School in Shrewsbury, MA 

University of Massachusetts Medical School
May 17, 2019


​​​​​​​The Boston Interaactive Glia Group (BIGG) meeting series takes place annually and moves between Tufts University, Harvard Medical School, and UMass Medical School.

This meeting provides a forum for labs (studying the functional role of glial cells in the healthy and diseased nervous system) in the greater Boston area to gather, foster discussion and establish/strengthen collaborations.

Attendees include people from vertebrate labs studying astrocytes, oligodendrocyte, Schwann cells, and microglia as well as labs focusing on multiple glial subtypes in invertebrates systems.

Young researchers (students and postdocs) are encourage to present their unpublished or newly published work at this meeting.


  • Cell biology of glial cell development
  • Glial cell-mediated regulation of neuronal structure and physiology
  • Glia-mediated mechanisms of disease

Call for abstracts

Short talks and poster presentation places are available. Everyone, especially young researchers and students are encourage to submit their exciting new unpublished work for presentation. Abstracts should be submitted during online registration. 

Download the abstract guidlines​

  • Talk and poster deadline: April 23, 2019


Registration is free , however advance registration is required. 
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  • Registration deadline:  April 23, 2019

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Keynote speaker

Scientific Organizer

Dorothy Shafter earned her Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience and Behaviour from Mount Holyoke College in 2001. She attended graduated school at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Matthew Rasband's lab where she used rodent models to study neuron-glia interactions regulating assembly and maintenance of functional, polarized domains along the axon, nodes of Ranvier and axon initial segments. Upon completion of her PhD in 2008, she began her postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Beth Stevens at Boston Children's Hospital. While in the Stevens lab (2008- 2014), she studied the role of microglia, the resident CNS myeloid-derived cell, in mammalian synapse development and plasticity. She was hired in 2015 as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at The University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her laboratory utilizes a combination of molecular biology and high resolution static and live imaging to understand how neurons and glia communicate with one another to regulating synapse development and plasticity. 



​​Start:  8:30am                           ​Finish: 6:30pm

* Please note, these times are provisional and are subject to change.


​​The University of Massachusetts Medical School
Hoagland Pincus Building Amphitheater
222 Maple Avenue
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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