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Multiplex imaging

A panel discussion from academic and industry perspectives

Recorded from the Abcam 2019 Spatial protein multiplexing in health and disease meeting, featuring Bernd Bodenmiller (University of Zurich), Will Howatt (Abcam), Sergio Rutella (Nottingham Trent University), Victoria Eastham (Janssen Pharmaceutica NV), Mario Perro (Roche), and Jessica Dessimoz (EPFL).

Enabling multiplex imaging

Discussing the challenges around better utilization and application of multiplex technologies.

Opportunities to advance multiplex technology

Multiplex technology platforms representatives comment on the opportunities and challenges ahead of multiplexing.

Multiplex data analysis

Understanding data generation and standardization needed for quantitative comparisons.

Barriers to adopting multiplex in research and the clinic

Key issues faced by research, pharma, and clinical sectors that must be resolved to make multiplex technology accessible.

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