The AACR catch-up

If you couldn't attend or or you want to revisit a few things, we've brought you the best parts of Abcam at AACR 2018.

Life Work

We know that for many, your research is your life’s work. While it’s tempting to always go at full speed, taking the time to pause and reflect can help clear your mind and refocus. This keeps you efficient, motivated, and stops you burning out, so you get more done in the long run. Take a minute to relax and enjoy a quick relaxation video. You deserve it. 


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  • Come and learn more about Life Work, the importance of taking a break, and even a few suggestions on getting the most out of your 'time off'. 

Abcam goodies you might have missed

Firstly, be sure to collect your limited-edition notebook while supplies last! Get it >here<

Here are some the best articles, protocols, and guides that you might like. 

Technical talks

We try to remove some of the unpredictability from research with tools and protocols that work first time, every time. Hear about three of our scientists about the innovations and technologies we provide that will help move your research forward.

Setting the standards: Our on-going efforts to drive accurate and reproducible scientific research

Recombinant antibody platforms: Sequence-based antibody discovery using next-generation sequencing

If you have any questions or want to talk with any of the experts featured in the videos, get in touch

Poster session

Take a look at some of the latest initiatives going on at Abcam.

Large-scale use of knockout validation to confirm antibody specificity to key oncology targets

Multiplex profiling of miRNA biomarkers for discovery and verification using the FirePlex® platform

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