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Our microplate reader, F500 from TECAN, is not cited in the recommended instruments. Does it mean that we cannot use it in this assay? Do we have to look for another?

Do you have any data about any neuroblastoma models validated with this kit?


Yes, you can use a TECAN F500 instrument, once it has fluorescence detection, suitable excitation and  wavelengths capabilities for MitoXpress ( i.e. 380nm, & 650nm), as well as temperature control. We would advise using single TR-F detection (standard measurement mode) if available and check you have a suitable filter for the right excitation and emission available. The Assay works well on many Tecan instruments, once proper parameters are employed.

Please note the instrument list does not prohibit use of any other fluorescence plate reader. The list contains the highest recommended readers and highest recommended measurement modes (Basic, Standard or Advanced), we advise. The measurement modes are listed in order of priority.

The kit has been used in the past with SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cell line. It is important to perform cell titration experiment to identify suitable seeding density for optimum detection in your individual samples.

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