Question (25737) | F-actin Staining Kit - Red Fluorescence - Cytopainter (ab112127)

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Phone call asking if CytoPainter F-actin Staining Kit - Red Fluorescence is expected to work in insect samples, specifically mosquito and tick.


Thank you for contacting us in regards to CytoPainter F-actin Staining Kit - Red Fluorescence ab112127. As suspected, the kit has not been used in conjunction with insect cells as yet. However, as long as the insect cells under investigation contain actin filaments it should not be a problem. We can therefore extend our Abpromise to the kit, used in conjunction with insect samples. More information on the Abpromise can be found here: This means that if you find the kit not working, get in touch and we will offer a replacement or refund within 6 months of purchase.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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