Question (74678) | Anti-F4/80 antibody [CI:A3-1] (ab6640)

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I am planning to do IHC of xenograft in nude mice to determine macrophage infiltration. I am just wondering with this anti-F4/80 antibodies [BM8] (16911) description, it will only detect the mature macrophage. While the other anti-F4/80 antibodies [Cl:A3-1] (ab6640) description only mention to be able to detect murine macrohage, is that means that it will detect mature and immature macrophage in mice?


Clone CI:A3-1 was the original F4/80 clone, and BM8 was created later. The primary difference between the two clones is that while CI:A3-1 will detect F4/80 on microglia, BM8 will not.

F4/80 expression is known to vary during macrophage maturation and activation, and it is expressed across a wide range of tissue macrophages. If your xenografts are peripheral then the detection of F4/80 will be similar for both clones.

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