Question (10328) | Anti-Factor XIIIa antibody (ab4057)

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No, i didn't try placenta due to the absence of this tissue in our laboratory. Placenta is also recommended as a positive control in the protocol provided by Novocastra. In addition to it, skin can be used as a positive control too since dermal dendritic cells are immunoreactive to Factor XIIIa AB (ref. Novocastra catalog) and upregulation of this cell type is well described in different inflammatory conditions. I hope this information is helpful


Thank you for your response. This antibody has been tested for IHC using human placenta so it would be very important to run an experiment with tested positive control alongside with the samples. As you have mentioned in your e-mail, dendritic cells also express Factor XIIIa. However, the expressed levels of Factor XIIIa may be different from that in the placenta which usually shows very high levels of this protein. We have looked through our order record and actually the batch number you received was 77421. We have sold many vials form this batch without any problem. It may well be that the vial you received has become inactivated during shipping and/or storage. We can offer you a new vial free of charge. Please do let us know if you are interested in, and then we can place a new order for you as soon as possible.

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