Question (14709) | Anti-Factor XIIIa antibody (ab4057)

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Thank you for your prompt reply. If you wouldn't mind, I have some more questions. I know that Factor VIII related antigen also stains endothelial cells. Can these 2 things be used interchangablely? It seems strange that we would be instructed to test Factor XIIIa on placenta. Is there something special about placental vessels?


Thank you for your enquiry. Both proteins are involved in the coagulation cascade. Whether you can use the antibodies interchangeably depends on the experiments you are doing. Unfortunately we aren't experts in the field, so we couldn't tell you which one would be better to use in your particular situation. I am not sure why placenta is suggested as the positive control. It is possible that the protein shows higher expression in placental blood vessels than vessels in other tissues. If you would like me to enquire further about this matter, I would be happy to. I hope this information helps, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information,

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