Question (15810) | Anti-Fragilis antibody (ab15592)

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The question is whether the antibody (ab15592) binds on the surface epitope of Fragilis. In other words, which part of Fragilis is bound with the antibody? For examples, is it a surface epitope, an intramembrane epitope, or an cytosolic epitope? The reason why I ask this question is to know whether I can use this antibody for FACS sorting. Thanks


Thank you for your enquiry. I have looked at the amino acid sequence used to generate the antibody and can confirm it is at the N terminus of the protein, however the SwissProt reference we currently have (Q9D8L6) does not specify which part of the protein is extracellular, intramembrane or cytosolic so unfortunately I cannot answer your question. If you are aware of the amino acid sequences of each domain I can certainly provide you with the immunogen sequence so you can find this out. I'm sorry I couldn't help you more on this occasion,

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