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    Fructosamine Assay Kit
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    1h 00m
  • Species reactivity

    Reacts with: Other species, Mammals
  • Product overview

    Fructosamine Assay Kit (ab228558) is a fast and convenient microplate-based colorimetric assay for the direct determination of fructosamine levels in serum. The assay is based on the ability of fructosamine to reduce nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT), forming a colored end-product (purple) under alkaline conditions. The formation rate of formazan is proportional to the concentration of fructosamine in samples and the increase in absorbance (OD 530nm) can be monitored using a spectrophotometer.

    The kit includes a thiol blocking reagent and a sample cleaning mix that minimizes the interference of other endogenous reducing agents which ensures accurate measurements of Fructosamine in biological samples.

    The assay is simple, reproducible and can detect as low as 20 µmol/L of fructosamine in samples. Assay time ~ 1 hour.

  • Notes

    Fructosamines are stable glycated proteins that are formed by a non-enzymatic reaction between glucose and serum proteins (usually albumin). Elevated concentrations of fructosamine can be found in serum samples of diabetic patients and its detection can be used to assess the glycemic status of diabetics. The half-life of albumin is shorter when compared to hemoglobin (t1/2= 20 days vs. 50 days respectively). Thus, fructosamine levels reflect the efficacy of treatment in diabetic patients during short-term periods, and provide earlier and more sensitive detection for diabetes than many other carbohydrate tests.

  • Platform

    Microplate reader


  • Storage instructions

    Store at -20°C. Please refer to protocols.
  • Components 100 tests
    Fructosamine Buffer A 1 x 25ml
    Fructosamine Buffer B 1 x 40ml
    Fructosamine Calibrator (3.2 mM) 1 x 180µl
    NBT (in DMF) 1 x 580µl
    Sample Cleaning Mix (Lyophilized) 1 vial
    Thiol Blocking Reagent 1 vial

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  • Fructosamine concentrations (µmol/L): Estimated Fructosamine concentrations are 222.4 ± 20.7 µmol/L in healthy human Serum (10 µl) and 458.8 ± 43.9 µmol/L in Human Diabetic Serum (10 µl), respectively. Assays were performed following the kit protocol.

  • Fructosamine reaction curves.



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Customer reviews and Q&As

We did the fructosamine assay from Abcam with both plasma and serum samples from pigs. The purpose of this test was to find out if plasma samples also can be used for the fructosamine determination. From three pigs on two different days both serum and plasma samples have been compared. The assay was executed as described in the protocol from Abcam.

In short: in the wells 10 ul of sample or water was added. For the positive control 3 ul of fructosamine calibrator was added with 7 ul of buffer A. After that, a reaction mix of (2 ul thiol blocking reagent, 5 ul sample cleaning mix and 20 ul buffer A)/well was prepared. This reaction mix was added to the wells after which the plate was incubated 10 minutes on 37 degrees Celsius. After incubation, 100 ul of buffer B was added and again incubated at 37 degrees Celsius, now for five minutes. The absorption was measured at 530 nm after the 5 minutes incubation as well as after an additional 10 minutes incubation.

Fructosamine concentration (nmol/ml)
Pig Date Serum Plasma
1 14-mei 300,1401 363,8839
4-jun 352,6727 306,8669
2 14-mei 373,1309 363,112
4-jun 340,6452 360,0759
3 14-mei 363,2432 319,039
4-jun 353,3133 273,5536
4 14-mei 511,8719 442,042
4-jun 459,3393 532,6927
13 14-mei 708,9184 762,3529
4-jun 752,0304 890,778
14 14-mei 118,5185 92,25225
15 14-mei 776,0152 813,6622
4-jun 724,0987 793,3207

The correlation between the serum and plasma results is 0,976578

Jinke Oosterhof

Verified customer

Submitted Jul 03 2019

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