Question (42972) | Anti-G-protein coupled receptor 30 antibody (ab39742)

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Thank you for your mail. We tested new lot of the antibody for GPR30 several times with varuous protocol. As a result, we found that the staining petters in histochemistory and western blotting was totally different between the current and previous lot of the antibody, with highly non-specific staining. We do not find a significance to test the validity of your antibody more, therefore, we have gave up to use the antibody at that time and we do not further consider your antibody for GPR30. Cited reference in the datasheet of the antibody ab39742 is also doubtful, we thought currently. Thanks for your support.


Thank you for your feedback.

I am sorry to hear that the different lot replacement vial also did not work as you hoped. Should you be interested in a different target primary antibody from our catalogue, I will be more than happy to offer you a free primary antibody of your choice. Simply inform me the catalogue number and I will arrange for the product to be shipped to you.

I hope this one incident will not hinderyou from considering us again as your source of antibodies and reagents in the future.

Thank you and good luck in your research.

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