Question (56897) | Anti-G-protein coupled receptor 30 antibody (ab39742)

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I used your company product:G protein-coupled receptor 30 antibody(ab 39742) to stain the oocyte .I can detect the signal on the membrane at the first time,but a few days later I can't find the signal on the membrane.(the same sample,store at 4℃

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Thank you for contacting us. Can you tell me how your oocyte samples were fixed and embedded? Were you using fluorescent or colorimetric detection? Fluorescent signal can easily fade after storage for a few days, whereas colorimetric signal will be stable for months to years at room temperature, provided that the samples are properly fixed and embedded. How were you storing your samples? Were they mounted to a slide and coverslipped, or were they in solution? The signal should be more stable when the samples are mounted. I hope this helps, please let me know if you need any additional information or assistance.

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