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Inquiry: Hello, in our lab we want to stain for GAD65 neuronal cell bodies in mouse spinal cord (see protocol attached). As described in the literature and our protocol, we leave out any Triton steps for this. The staining works (labeling found mainly in Rexed lamina 1 and 2) but as besides the GAD65 cell bodies a lot of synapses around are labeled as well, we hardly see them! Do you know a method or a special treatment to prevent synaptic labeling in this case? For GAD67 this kind of staining works nicely (cell bodies clearly visible). Is there maybe a difference in the staining because GAD65 is supposed to be located more in synapses (in comparison to GAD67)? But as in the literature GAD65 cell body staining have been described, it should somehow be possible to make them visible in a clear way. Thanks in advance,


Thank you for your enquiry regarding ab26113.

It has been reported that GAD65 is transported to nerve terminals and this antibody (ab26113) should stain them as “puncta” around the cell body of their target neurons.

On the other hand, GAD67 (ab26116) is localized to cell bodies, axons and terminals and it will stain these well as long as the samples undergo antigen retrieval.

I hope this helps and if I can assist further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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