Question (60752) | Anti-GAD65 antibody [GAD-6] (ab26113)

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Band around 65 kDa with rat brain tissue lysate, 40 kDa in neural cell lysate. Is this 40 kDa band specific. 1:1000 dilution. Normal culture conditions.


Thank you very much for your call yesterday and for your patience while I've looked into your enquiry.

I actually could not find a reference showing analysis of endogneous GAD65 in culture neurons by Western blot. So, I'm still not quite sure how to explain this 40 kDa band in your samples. Do you have access to any other tissues to use as a positive control, just to further verify that the antibody is binding specifically? Have you managed to find any information in the literature?

I am very sorry that I don't have more information, but if you have any concerns about this antibody and feel that it is binding non-specifically, I'd be happy to send you a replacement antibody such as ab75750 or ab112497-

I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else from me.

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