Question (23767) | Anti-GAD65 + GAD67 antibody (ab11070)

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To whoever this may concern, we have now tested (without much success) the antibody mentioned in the object of this email. We are preparing an abreview to be submitted on monday most probably. We are planning on submitting a general protocol accompanied with a table detailing the different variations (antibody dilutions, etc) tested. Will it suit you? Also we would like to know what is the procedure to redeem our free primary antibody in exchange of this abreview? We would like to try another antibody directed against GAD67 (ab97739).  If we submit an abreview for this new antibody can we also expect another free antibody if we submit an abreview?


Thank you for participating in our testing discount program. When you submit your abreivew, please be sure to note the testing discount code in the "additional notes" section. The website does have specific questions for you to answer as well as the notes section for any additional information you may have. Once you have submitted the review you will be able to use the code for an additional antibody. You will need to specify the code to the customer service agent when ordering so that you receive the antibody free. The testing discount program only provides a free antibody per each purchased antibody, so you would not be able to receive another code for this free antibody. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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