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You contacted Susan Lindsay regarding the GAPDH antibody Abcam reference 163989, purchase order 250103139. Susan ordered the antibody but it was actually myself that used it. I actually found that the antibody did not work at all. I used it as a loading control for CHO-K1 cells. After probing the membrane with the antibody for my specific protein, the membrane was stripped and prepared as detailed in the ECL-Plus Kit (Amersham) before using the HRP-GAPDH antibody which was incubated at a 1:5000 for 1hr at room temperature then washed in PBST and detected using the ECL detection kit. The film showed absolutely no bands on it at all. I was worried I had done something wrong so I stripped the membrane again and reprobed it with our Abcam beta actin mouse monoclonal antibody then used a secondary biotinylated mouse antibody, streptavidin then ECL which gave very strong beta actin bands. I was surprised that the HRP GAPDH did not work as I have previously used your non-conjugated GAPDH antibody after stripping and it has worked fine. I only bought the HRP one because I thought it would save time by missing out some of the incubation steps. After discussing the problem with other colleagues it appears that I am not the only person experiencing problems with this antibody. Another lab colleague Mark Moore, also said that the antibody did not work for him either. You can contact him to get his feedback also. I hope this information is helpful. If it possible, a full refund would be appreciated.


Many thanks for your valuable feedback on your recent experience of ab9482. In light of your feedback and that of several other customers we have removed all stock of this antibody and are offering our apologies for this unusual problem and a refund or replacement vial of another antibody. We have found that some customers are having difficulty with this product, while others are delighted with the same lot, we are very puzzled as to the reason for this and are investigating this extremely seriously in the laboratory. The quality of our antibodies is of utmost importance to us and we are very concerned about this case. We have contacted all customers who recently purchased this antibody so I hope that Mark received our e-mail. Please do let him know that we will offer him a refund or replacement if he has not received our e-mail. A refund is being arranged with our accounts department. Once again please accept our apologies for this unfortunate rare event, I hope this will not deter you from purchasing from Abcam in the future.

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