Question (73914) | Anti-GDF11 + GDF8/Myostatin antibody [EPR4567(2)] (ab124721)

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Is your EPR4567(2)] (ab124721) anti-gdf11 rabbit monoclonal antibody specific to gdf11 or does it also bind myostatin?


I have compared the immunogen of ab124721 with myostatin and there is an 80% homology so there are chances that this antibodies also recognises Myostatin however, we have not specifically tested this so can't be sure.
I have compared the total GDF11 protein sequence with the Myostatin sequence and the C terminus of these two proteins is very similar. The N terminus however, it quite different and so if you wanted an antibody that recognises GDF11 only, an aminoterminal antibody such as ab71347 might be better.

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