Question (17916) | Anti-GFP antibody (ab5449)

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1. What are the concentrations for ab5449. ab5450? 2. What is the difference between ab5449, ab5450, ab1218


Thank you for your interesting enquiry. I have had a look at the details for the immunogens on these antibodies and obtained some details for you. ab1218 is a mouse monoclonal which is been raised against a recombinant GFP fusion protein using amino acids 1-246 of GFP from jellyfish Aiquorea Victoria. It is reactive against all varients of this protein. Ab5449 is a goat polyclonal to the full length recombinant GFP protein (from Aiquorea Victoria) prepared in e coli. Its concentration is not available as this antibody is supplied as whole goat antiserum. Ab5450 is the same as Ab5449 but it has been affinipured. This means it is likely to be more specific and stronger binding to the immunogen. Its concentration is 0.5mg/ml.

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