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Inquiry: Dear abcam Support-Team, the secondary antibody ab5739 works so far. But the staining is lost during 2-3 days after embedding. I use Aqua Polymount (Polyscience) medium for embedding. The Aqua Polymount works perfectly fine for all of our other stainings (goat anti rabbit Alexa 488,555 life technologies). The first Antibody is Armenian Hamster Anti-Mouse CD279 (PD-1) Purified. Do you have an explanations or suggestion? Thank you in advance Best regards


Thank you for your email. I contacted the laboratory for you. We have not be informed about this problem before and I am sorry to hear that you have experienced problems with this product. However, we know, that FITC seems to be less fade resistant than other fluorophores.

Regrettably, I can suggest you have received a bad vial on this occasion. Therefore, we would be pleased to provide a replacement to compensate ab5739.

I am sorry to confirm that we don't have any different lots in stock at the moment. I would like to reassure you that we monitor feedback closely on a weekly basis and we are not currently concerned about the general quality of this antibody or this batch.

Therefore, we would be pleased to provide a replacement from the same lot, which will still be covered by our guarantee. Alternatively, I fully understand your concerns and if you prefer a credit note in this case, I will be pleased to arrange this for you.

I hope this will be helpful. I look forward to hearing from you with details of how you would like to proceed.

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