Question (11109) | Goat Anti-Human IgG H&L (FITC) (ab8503)

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has this reagent been used in flow cytomery applications?


Thank you for your enquiry. To our knowledge, this antibody has yet to be tested in FACS. All tested applications are specified on Abcam product datasheets. Please note that this antibody is not available to customers within the US due to import restrictions. US Customs are currently preventing all antibodies raised in sheep, goat, donkey, horse, pig and chicken from entering into the States unless you have a USDA import permit in place for these items. Abcam’s US office in Cambridge MA holds an import permit that covers for the majority of antibodies in our range that are derived from farmyard animals outside the USA. Unfortunately our permit does not cover this product and thus we are unable to ship it to our customers in USA. If you have any additional questions, please contact us again.

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