ab150115 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG H&L (Alexa Fluor® 647) used with anti-GFP antibody ab38689.

Immunohistochemistry (Frozen sections)
Cryostat sections of E10.5 mouse embryo, which were fixed with PFA before gelatin/sucrose embedding.
Antigen retrieval is optional in this staining. Blocking used was protein block. The left image is abcam's anti-GFP [6AT316] antibody (ab38689) used 1:200, for 12h at RT, with a competitors secondary antibody. On the right, is the same primary antibody, but this time used with abcam's Goat anti-Mouse IgG H&L (Alexa Fluor® 647) (ab150115) at 1:1000 dilution, for 3h at RT.

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Submitted May 23 2014

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