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    Goat Anti-Mouse IgG1 (HRP) preadsorbed
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    Suitable for: ICC, IHC-P, ELISA, WBmore details
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    Human, Rat more details
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    Shipped at 4°C. Store at +4°C.
  • Storage buffer

    Preservative: 0.1% Proclin
    Constituents: PBS, 0.2% BSA
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    Immunogen affinity purified
  • Purification notes

    This antibody was isolated by affinity chromatography using antigen coupled to agarose beads and conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP).
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Our Abpromise guarantee covers the use of ab98693 in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

Application Abreviews Notes
ICC Use at an assay dependent dilution.
IHC-P 1/200 - 1/2000.
ELISA 1/10000 - 1/100000. Similar dilution to primary antibody.
WB 1/2000 - 1/20000. Colorimetric 1/5000 - 1/25000 Chemiluminescent


  • IHC image of Histone H1.0 staining in human colon formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue section*. The section was pre-treated using pressure cooker heat mediated antigen retrieval with sodium citrate buffer (pH6) for 30mins. The section was incubated with ab11080, 7.5µg/ml overnight at +4°C. An HRP-conjugated secondary (ab98693, 1/2000 dilution) was used for 1hr at room temperature. The section was counterstained with haematoxylin and mounted with DPX.

    The inset negative control image is secondary-only at 1/500 dilution.

    *Tissue obtained from the Human Research Tissue Bank, supported by the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre


This product has been referenced in:

  • Ozek C  et al. Growth Differentiation Factor 11 treatment leads to neuronal and vascular improvements in the hippocampus of aged mice. Sci Rep 8:17293 (2018). Read more (PubMed: 30470794) »
  • Gulati S  et al. Attenuation of opioid tolerance by ETB receptor agonist, IRL-1620, is independent of an accompanied decrease in nerve growth factor in mice. Heliyon 3:e00317 (2017). WB ; Mouse . Read more (PubMed: 28626808) »
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Western blot
Myc tagged protein 65kDa probed with Monoclonal Myc antibody and later with Mouse secondary Heavy chain specific HRP. Lane 5 is negative control with no Myc tagged protein. The antibody is excellent and recognized the specific band. I highly recommend this antibody.

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Submitted Feb 28 2014


Thank you for contacting us.

The primary antibodies ab25345 and ab25347 you purchased are purified antibodies. We recommend to start with a concentration of 5 ug/ml for ICC and IHC. According to the results the concentration might need some optimisation.

We offer a table on our web page under technical FAQs that shows the recommended titer for different applications according to the purification of antibodies.


The secondary HRP antibody ab98693 has a recommendation for a titer between 1/200 - 1/2000 for IHC-P. The recommendation can be find on the product data sheet https://www.abcam.com/Goat-polyclonal-Secondary-Antibody-to-Mouse-IgG1-heavy-chain-HRP-pre-adsorbed-ab98693.pdf.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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Thank you for your phone call.

The link to the datasheet of the secondary antibody is :


Here is the discount code for ab70 and trying it in ELISA, as well as additional information about our Abtrial program:
Expiration date: xxx
Value: xxx

I am very pleased to hear you would like to accept our offer and test ab70 in ELISA. This code will give you xxx off your next order before the expiration date. To redeem this offer, please submit an Abreview for ELISA and include this code in the “Additional Comments” section so we know the Abreview is for this promotion. Please remember that submission of the Abreview is sufficient for the discount code to become active.
For more information on how to submit an Abreview, please visit the site: www.abcam.com/Abreviews.

Remember, we publish both positive and negative Abreviews on our datasheets so please submit the results of your tests. The code will be active once the Abreview has been submitted and can be redeemed in one of the following ways: 1) Call to place your order and mention the code to our customer service department; 2) Include the code in your fax order; 3) Place your order on the web and enter the promotional code.

Any feedback that you can provide will be greatly appreciated, whether positive or negative. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your Abreview and wish you luck with your research.

The terms and conditions applicable to this offer can be found here: https://www.abcam.com/abtrial.

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Thank you for confirming these details and for your cooperation. The details provided enable us to closely monitor the quality of our products.

I am sorry this product did not perform as stated on the datasheet and for the inconvenience this has caused. As requested, I have issued a free of charge replacement with the order number 1150356.

To check the status of the order please contact our Customer Service team and reference this number.

Please note that this free of charge replacement vial is also covered by our Abpromise guarantee. Should you still be experiencing difficulties, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

I wish you the best of luck with your research.

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Thank you for contacting us.

Could you provide more details about the problem?

- was the vial broken
- was the liquid all over the pouch
- When the product was ordered. Could you provide Abcam purchase order number? The purchase order number PO 123642 does not retrieve any information in our system. Could you provide the date of ordering?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Thank you for your email.

These products (ab97245, ab97250, ab98693) can be used as secondary antibodies.

Just let me know if you have further questions.

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Thank you for your email.

The ab98693 is conjugated the HRP enzyme and you will need just the substrate in addition. As a substrate, you can for example use the AEC substrate system ab64252 or the DAB substrate Kit ab64238. The DAB and the AEC are already the substrate.

After addition of the substrate, you can counterstain the slides with HE for example. This will give the nice blue and rose staining of the tissue. This is not necessary, will however help to identify the structure. HE staining is very common and we do also have a kit, it has the catalogue number ab128990 https://www.abcam.com/index.html?datasheet=128990 (or use the following: https://www.abcam.com/index.html?datasheet=128990).

Other than that, you will not need anything. You will need mounting medium and coverslips.]

Here are also some links to our online protocols. Feel free to browse them as well.

I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if I did not respond to your question as expected or if you have any other question.

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Thank you for your email.

As x is not in the office today, I am answering on his behalf.

I can confirm that you can use AEC or DAB depending on your preference and the counterstain of your slides. Both of these substrates are adapted for immunohistochemistry. DAB is brown in color and AEC is red in color. Both of these substrates can be mounted in aqueous mounting medium such as Mowiol for example. In addition to the aqueous mounting medium, DAB can also be mounted in an organic medium (whereas AEC not, as it will solubilize in an organic mediumand result then in a diffuse staining).

As an example image for AEC, I can recommend you to look at the datasheet of our AEC substrate system ab64252, and for DAB, at the datasheet of the DAB substrate Kit ab64238.

https://www.abcam.com/index.html?datasheet=64252 (or use the following: https://www.abcam.com/index.html?datasheet=64252).

https://www.abcam.com/index.html?datasheet=64238 (or use the following: https://www.abcam.com/index.html?datasheet=64238).

I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you have any further question.

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Thank you for contacting us.
I am sorry to hear that either one or both antibodies are not working as expected.

As we discussed over the phone, the following suggestions will help us to determine if either one of the antibodies or both of them are not workingcorrectly:

1) Use adifferent secondary antibody (with 20-50 ug protein, 1/1000 dilution)
2) Try a no primary control to see if the secondary antibody contributes to the background. Ideally, the blot should be blank.

Please let me know what results you obtain and I'd be happy to discuss this further in order to resolve the problem.
I wish you good luck andlook forward to hear back from you.

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Thank you for contacting us.

1. Yes, a substrate is needed.

2. DABor AEC can be used with HRP. I would recommend one ofthe following products :
> IHC detectionkits 'EXPOSE': https://www.abcam.com/expose (see the 6 first references in thefirst table called"Mouse and rabbit specific kits")
> Steady DAB/Plus (200ml), https://www.abcam.com/ab103723
> AEC Single/Plus (30ml) https://www.abcam.com/ab103742
> DAB Substrate Kit https://www.abcam.com/ab64238
> AEC Substrate System (Ready to Use) https://www.abcam.com/ab64252

3. For the counterstainingI would recommend hematoxylin. Unfortunatelywedonot have such product inour catalog.

Finally,I would recommend the following protocolsforIHC:https://www.abcam.com/index.html?pageconfig=resource&rid=11757

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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