Question (8364) | Goat Anti-Rat IgG H&L (Cy5 ®) preadsorbed (ab6565)

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I'm afraid I have some fairly basic questions, but I need a quick answer from a reliable source! I'm interested in buying a secondary antibody conjugated to a blue fluorochrome. Firstly, is Cy5.5 a blue fluorochrome as well as Cy5 and if so what is the difference? Also, am I right in thinking that Cy5 and AF 350 are the only blue fluorochromes that can be purchased conjugated to secondary antibodies? I was also wanting to check if these antibodies can be visualised through a DAPI filter on a normal fluorescence microscope and a confocal laser microscope. Providing I am barking up the right tree with these assumptions, I'm looking for an anti-mouse IgG and/or IgM antibody and I'm also considering an anti-rat IgG and an anti-rabbit IgG to use for triple immunolabelling on primary cell cultures (oligodendrocytes) and on paraffin pre-fixed and/or fresh frozen cryostats. Can you give me information on which of these antibodies you supply and particularly any that are good value or supplied in trial size volumes!


Thanks for your enquiry,unfortunately we do not supply sample sized testers. As far as I am aware both CY5 and CY 5.5 are red. If you log on to our web page and click on secondary antibodies there is a list of all the secondary antibodies we supply along with a fluorophore data table.

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