Question (22431) | HA tag peptide (ab13835)

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Thank you very much for your important information. I'm wondering do you have some experience of using this HA peptide (ab13835) for elution, such as the quantity needed for elution, etc? I did not find such information on the data sheet.


Here is a general protocol for eluting your HA-tagged protein with ab13835, our HA tag peptide: The peptide arrives at a 1mg/ml concentration. After the last wash, remove all of the wash buffer and add a sufficient volume of the peptide for your downstream use. For example, 30-50ul of the peptide might be a useful volume. Elute for at least 1 hour at 4 degrees C with gentle agitation. Pellet the beads and remove the supernatant. Confirm elution of target protein via coomassie staining and/or western blotting.

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