Question (10207) | Anti-Haptoglobin antibody [HG-36] (ab13429)

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I am looking to purchase an anti-haptoglobin antibody that reacts specifically with the alpha chain of haptoglobin. I was wondering what site do antibodies #ab13429, ab13431, ab14248 and ab8965 recognize.


Thank you for your enquiry. For ab13429, the antibody recognizes human haptoglobin as the purified antigen, in human serum, when complexed with human hemoglobin or captured by antibodies. In a competitive ELISA it does not cross react with human IgG, transferrin, C-reactive protein, alpha 1 acid glycoprotein, albumin or hemoglobin, nor with bovine, goat or sheep serum. For ab14248 and ab13431, they are polyclonal antibodies and will therefore consist of a mixed population of IgGs each of which will recognise a different epitope.

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