Question (17157) | Anti-Haptoglobin antibody [HG-36] (ab13429)

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Does this antibody recognize the alpha or beta chain?


Thank you for your enquiry. We have not epitope mapped this antibody. The antibody recognizes the 3 haptoglobin types in ELISA, dot-blot and immunoblotting. The 3 haptoglobin types have an identical beta-chain. It is likely that the antibody recognizes the beta-chain, which is shared by the 3 haptoglobin types. However, if the alpha-chains of the 3 types share even a partial homologous sequence, that may contain the epitope recognized by the antibody. Unfortunately the antibody does not recognize a reduced molecule, therefore we were unable to locate the recognition site to any of the chains. I hope this information is useful. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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