Question (51297) | Anti-HCN4 antibody [SHG 1E5] (ab32675)

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Thank you for your help.
I have two additional questions:
- what do you mean as " - no primary - only secondary control" ?
- can you provide a protocol to use the isotype control you suggest?
Thank you for your collaboration


Thank you for your response.

"No primary control" means that you perform the staining protocol as normal (fixation, blocking, secondary antibody, detection) - except you need to omit the incubation step with the primary antibody. Instead of applying the primary antibody, you only incubate the samples with the dilution buffer you would normally use for diluting the primary antibody.

Isotype control meansyou perform the staining protocol as normal butt the samples will be treated with the isotype control instead of the primary antibody. The isotype of this primary antibody is IgG1, so the isotype control is rat IgG1 .

I would advise you to visit this site to get some further information about positive control and isotype control:

I hope this helps and if I can assist further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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