Question (54318) | Anti-HCV subtype 1b NS5B antibody [10D6] (ab100895)

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Thank you for the information.
I am looking for a good antibody against HCV NS5B protein for WB and IP experiments. If you have any good antibody for these
purposes, I want to receive that antibody. Otherwise, I want to be refunded total money to credit account.


Thanks for your email.

We do have a few additional HCV NS5B antibodies, but there is not one obvious, best choice. So I will mention 3 that you may find useful.
ab35586 - most popular anti-HCV NS5B antibody, published in 5 papers. Tested in WB but not IP
ab100895, ab65410 - Tested in both WB and IP but no publications
Please let me know if any of these are of interest and I will send one to you right away. Otherwise I am happy to issue a credit or refund.

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