Question (70389) | Anti-HIF-1 alpha antibody - ChIP Grade (ab2185)

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Is this product suitable for rat samples


Thank you for your reply. The immunogen shows 89% homology with the immunogen. We are not able to obtain consistent results with rat samples therefore are not able to guarantee that it will give positive results. However, customers have shown that this antibody successfully detects rat HIF1 alpha. Please see the Abreviews on the datasheet for more information. We have 3 other Hif1 alpha antibodies tested in rat that would be more suitable: ab65979 Anti-HIF1 alpha antibody - Carboxyterminal end ab463 Anti-HIF1 alpha antibody [H1alpha67-sup] ab2185 Anti-HIF1 alpha antibody - ChIP Grade Just let me know if you have further questions.

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