Question (37969) | Anti-Histone H3 (di methyl K4) antibody [Y47] - ChIP Grade (ab32356)

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The concentration seems very low though – I have eight other antibodies at concentrations of 0.6 – 1 mg/ml. Is 0.04 mg/ml the usual concentration for this antibody?  


While the IgG produced by rabbits have greater affinity and greater sensitivity than mouse IgG (about 100-1000 fold), the total amount of IgG produced by the rabbit hybridomas is generally lower than mice. Since many people are not aware of this fact providing the antibody concentration may be misleading.

Many veteran antibody users are generally familiar with the IgG amount provided from mice antibodies and can judge how many reactions they may get or need to use based on concentration. This experience is not transferable to rabbit mAbs, the concentration scales are generally very different. Since the specificity and sensitivity is much higher with rabbit mAbs, less IgG is required per reaction.

The important thing to focus on is that while the amount of IgG may not be comparable to mouse mAbs, customers are receiving a comparable number of reactions/tests/blots/stainings per tube. Price per reaction is very comparable and competitive.

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