Question (35970) | Histone H3 (K9) Methyltransferase Activity Quantification Assay Kit (ab113453)

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Questions to assay principle and componens:

1. Is the substrate a peptide or protein fragment?
2. Why is the substrate biotinylated? Is the plate avidin-coated? Or is other coating material used?
3. Which methylation is being detected by the capture antibody: mono, di, or tri-methyl or all of them?
4. Can different HMTs be differentiated within one sample?
5. Is the detection antibody HRP conjugated?
6. Which enzyme is being used as HMT standard?
7. Which enzyme is being used as control enzyme?
8. What is in the histone assay buffer, EHM2?


Thank you for contacting us.
Here are the answers to your questions:
1. Peptide.
2. Yes, avidin-coated.
3. This information cannot be disclosed currently.
4. No. unless a purified enzyme or extract with the over-expressed specific enzyme are used.
5. Yes.
6. The standard is methylated H3K9 peptide
7. G9a
8. salt buffer with protein stabilizers
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