Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K4) antibody [mAbcam12209] - ChIP Grade (ab12209)

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ab12209 has been referenced in 25 publications.

  • Marquez J  et al. NADH dehydrogenase complex I is overexpressed in incipient metastatic murine colon cancer cells. Oncol Rep 41:742-752 (2019). PubMed: 30483808
  • Cai C  et al. Histone modifications in fatty acid synthase modulated by carbohydrate responsive element binding protein are associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Int J Mol Med 42:1215-1228 (2018). PubMed: 29786745
  • Haynes P  et al. Sporadic DUX4 expression in FSHD myocytes is associated with incomplete repression by the PRC2 complex and gain of H3K9 acetylation on the contracted D4Z4 allele. Epigenetics Chromatin 11:47 (2018). PubMed: 30122154
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