Question (36263) | Anti-HIV1 tat antibody [N3] (ab63957)

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Phone call reporting problems with detecting tat-fusion protein with ab63957.


Thank you for contacting us and reporting the problems encountered with using Anti-HIV1 tat antibody [N3] (ab63957).

We take product complaints very seriously, and investigate every product that we feel may not be performing correctly.

As discussed over the phone Ihave attached a questionnaire so thatI can gather further information regarding the samples tested and the protocol used. If you could include any images of the gels you have run using this antibody that would be very helpful. OnceI have receive the completed questionnaire,I will look at the protocol and see if there are any suggestionsI can make that may improve the results. This information will also allow us to investigate this case internally and initiate additional testing where necessary. If the product was purchased in the last six months and is being used according to our Abpromise, we would be happy to replace or refund the antibody.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

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