Question (74393) | Anti-HMGCS2 antibody [EPR8642] (ab137043)

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We are using your antibody ab137043, cat No. 6729-1 to detect HMGCS2 protein within Human Hep G2 cultured cells, but we are not able to detect any band by western. Nevertheless, we detect significant signals of mRNAs encoding this protein. On the contrary, we are able to easily detect the protein in Caco2 cells. Therefore we wonder if your monoclonal antibody is vs. a particular isoform of this protein, including a portion which can also be absent. We see in your specifications that the antibody is produced by a synthetic peptide. Could you tell us which portion of the primary structure of the protein is covered by the peptide? Do you have other possible explanation?


Unfortunately, we do not have a strong explanation for your observation however, I found the following summary.

According to this, HMGCS2 was not detectable in HepG2 whereas it was observed medium abundance of HMGCS2 in Caco-2. Therefore is would appear that this discrepancy is not due to the antibody itself but to the sample used.

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