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sorry for the delayed answer, but we were discussing the issue internally and with some international drosophila researches. we think that another vial of ab47455 does not make that much sense; we can exclude heat or age damage on the antibody, as it reacted fine with human serum.

there are currently no drosophila specific hsp70 antibodies, but some colleagues suggesteted that ab2787 or ab5439 might be suitable for our tests. i am aware that these antibodies do react with hcp70, but we could eliminate this effect be a revised experimental design.

do you think that it is possible to receive a small aliquot (5-10 ul) of these two antibodies for test purposes? we would again set up elisas with dilution series of heat shocked and control human/droso protein and then decide if any of the antibodies is suitable for hsp detection in drosophila and can thus be orderd in full quantity, or if we have to produce a new clone from scratch. of course we would share the test results with you.

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Thank you for getting back to me.

I agree that it does seem more sensible to try a different antibody as the vial you initially received was showing activity with the human protein. The two alternatives you have suggested, ab2787 or ab5439, have unfortunately not been tested in ELISA by us as yet and I would therefore not be certain of their performance using thisapplication.

Unfortunately, due to the size of our catalogue and the logistics involved, weare unable to provide sample sizes of antibodies. However, if you would like to try one of theseantibodies initially, I would be able to send you out a full vial to try, free of charge as a replacement forab47455 not working as expected. I would suggest that it may be beneficial to try performing a Western blot with your human and drosophila samples, just to check that the antibody is functioning as expected, prior to performing the ELISA with either of these antibodies.

Let me know if you would like me to send out one of these antibodies and which one you would like to try.Could you also confirmthat the addressI have for you is correct:

I look forward to receiving your reply.

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