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I am planning to test a C-reactive protein sandwich ELISA assay and was hoping that you could suggest the most suitable antibody pair for this application from your range?

Also, on your website it lists the molecular weight of the C-Reactive Protein subunit as being 23 kDa, but also states that the protein forms a pentamer in solution. Please can you advise on whether in a solution ELISA assay I would be detecting the subunits alone (23 kDa) or the pentameric form (115000 kDa)?


I have confirmed with the lab and most of our C Reactive Protein antibodies, except C3 and C4, react with both monomer and pentamer form of CRP. (As our clones C3 and C4 do not recognize CRP in the absence of Ca2+ ions, we suggest that they could not recognize CRP monomer, but we have never experimentally tested this.)

ab10026, Anti-C Reactive Protein antibody [C1]

ab136176, Anti-C Reactive Protein antibody [C2]

ab8279, Anti-C Reactive Protein antibody [C5]

ab24462, Anti-C Reactive Protein antibody [C6] (HRP)

As pair I can recommend ab24462 and ab8279 to recognize both, monomer and pentamer. (or use the following: (or use the following:

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